Richard Rahl at The People’s Palace-Epic Speeches with William Wallace


FREEEEEEEDOM!  This is epic speeches with William Wallace, ya pansies, the part of the blog where  William Wallace talks about epic speeches.

This one’s from a book called Stone of Tears, part of the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind.

Mmmmm…I like swords.

This book takes place in another world.  Unlike my movie, which is 100% historical.  A man named Richard was collared as a prisoner, and taken to this fortress called the People’s Palace.

He was in a strange land, all alone, and taken from the woman he loved.  Worse, they took away his FREEEEEDOM!

There was only one of Richard, and he was surrounded by hundreds of witches and thousands of guards.  I could’ve beaten all their arses into haggus, but we can’t all be Braveheart.  So anyway, this Richard guy, he draws his sword, and talks about FRREEEEDOM!

“His fingers tapped the Rada’Han around his neck. ‘As long as you keep this collar on me you are my captors and I am your prisoner. Since I have committed no aggression against you that makes us enemies. We are at war. Sister Verna has made a pledge to me that I will be taught to control the gift and when I have learned what is required I will be set free. For now, as long as you keep that pledge we have a truce. But there are conditions. I have been collared before. The person who put that collar on me brought me pain, to punish me, to teach me, to subdue me. That is the sole purpose of a collar, you collar a beast, you collar your enemies. I made her much the same offer I am making you. I begged her to release me, she would not. I was forced to kill her. Not one of you could ever hope to be good enough to lick her boots. She did as she did because she was tortured and broken; made mad enough to use a collar to hurt people. She did it against her nature. You do it because you think it is your right. You enslave in the name of your Creator. I don’t know your creator. The only one beyond this world who I know would do as you do is the Keeper. As far as I am concerned you may as well be the Keeper’s disciples. If you do as she, and use this collar to bring me pain the truce will be ended. You may think you hold the leash to this collar, but I promise you if the truce ends you will find that what you hold is a bolt of lightning.'”

Terry Goodkind, you may take our suspension of disbelief, but you will never take…Our FREEEDOM!

That speech was badarse.


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